Office Collaboration Tools Gets a Massive Upgrade

If your really need a social integration where everything gets hunted down from an agglomeration to an organized level, a collaboration wiki software from Lapdes could really help because this app will get all your work, documents and discussion in a single place.

Lapdes knows your basic needs, so you can skip straight to the part where things get done, no more useless talking, no more unproductive meetings. Get your all work apportioned, managed and appraised right from your desktop. Lapdes enterprise wiki software is a powerful tool where you can share and harness collective knowledge, something that’s very essential for a thriving workplace. The wikipages provides you the convenience of sharing relevant and accurate information company-wide with just the touch of a button, so that your team can learn, grow and innovate collaboratively. Lapdes provide transparent and easy communication without a hassle.

Productive, right out of the box

We are particular with what workplace collaboration should be like, and Lapdes is manifestation of our years of hard work. Lapdes is all you need to enhance your management skills without having to spend time on briefings and meetings.

Better team management

Lapdes allow for you to create your own workspace where every person is interconnected in a minimalist way, so that nothing important gets missed out. Be it any kind of announcements, ideas or concepts that you want to share; there are lots of options for sharing. A wiki page that’s created by one department is easily accessible by the other, and not just that, it’s also possible for other departments to provide their feedback, comments, etc. The app is totally open for collaboration and discussions.

Communicate instantly

It’s a norm for workspaces to spread a newsletter using bulletin boards. This is one orthodox way to run an office. Not is this very time-consuming but it can also have a limited reach. Also,, as a manager, you wouldn’t be able to track who has got the news and who hasn’t. Enterprise wiki allows for zero procrastination so that your employees get to work as soon as you leave them with a task. Business wiki is accessible easily from anywhere, anytime. Every team will know how they can access information from company wiki making it extremely easy for all the departments of the company to announce latest developments or policies.

Information control like nothing else

Lapdes is an advanced, interactive and minimalistic app that allows quick and easy sharing, so there would be no grapevine and no misunderstandings. Everything said or done through enterprise wiki will be there as a proof. A wikipage like one created through Lapdes can be controlled and tracked for any edits, so you can check for the current version and when it was edited or changed. Company wiki ensures easy and multi-level information handling, making this platform the epicenter of critical thinking and productivity.


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