Revival of Uni-Tasking

The 20th century has been an era of multi-tasking. As the advancement of the technology kept increasing the need for tasks to be performed faster and as many tasks to be achieved as possible at a time. But multi-tasking made tasks difficult. It is efficient to run multiple processes in the kernel as well as attaining the perfect results, but the OS does exhaust at times and your computers lag. Same is the case with humans, human mind has a capacity for multi-tasking, but too many tasks at the same time can lower the quality of the output required.

Lately, it has been evident that single tasking can make life easier. Multitasking makes people curse the technology. A simple example, if you are sending multiple files to multiple people at the same time there is a possibility that wrong files can be shared with the wrong recipient. Productivity goes down 40 percent by using so many different applications and kills creativity.

Single-tasking saves you from the extra work. Single-tasking leaves no room for distractions. You have a picture to Photoshop; you can efficiently produce good result if you are not distracted by other tasks. One task at a time saves lives! Researchers at Stanford concluded that multi-taskers are more prone to distraction and weaker at task completion and organization. Also, they have higher stress levels and people under stress cannot perform at their best. Therefore, it’s about time we slow down a bit and focus more on the quality not the quantity. Another disadvantage of multi-tasking is the impossibility of meeting the deadlines.

Uni-tasking makes you being able to think more clearly and set priorities with realistic deadlines. It slows you down that allows you to relax and focus on the task and perform better with fewer mistakes. Uni-tasking opposes the thought of people that technology is curse that is taking people away from their families and even endangering their health by creating more possibilities of stress and depression. Multi-tasking also snatches the decision making ability of a person since a lot of process are being carried out in the processor of the human brain which makes it hard to focus on one single task. To save time and energy Single-tasking is reviving.

Single-tasking allows you to be able to communicate with your colleagues, take time out of your busy routines and socialize a bit. Working 24 hours a day is not a good for a person’s health. Work during your working hours, as soon as you turn off your laptop you can discard all the processes from your brain’s kernel and relax and absorb the vibes around you.

We took the concept of single-tasking to a whole new level. We have built a single team collaboration and project management software for enterprise, education and government where users can manage tasks, take notes, collaborate with colleagues, share documents, organize and socialize simply insecure cloud workspaces. Because we strive for a better future.


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