Schedule Your Professional Life

Today, people use many apps to streamline their professional lives. A study done at MIT suggests that 1/3 of your time is consumed by your activities in inbox. Lapdes allows you to keep all the online collaboration tools in harmony at one place. Now you can manage cloud files, engage in conversations, share information, and evaluate your team’s performance with the click of a single button.

Manage your team, your projects & share requisite information

Prominent features of the app are ease of team management, keeping track of the calendar, securing your documents on the cloud, and engaging in conversation with clients. Your connectivity to your prospects and clients furthers the chances of your business growth. If you are active among them and share about your products and services on a regular basis then they will convert into your loyal customer base. Lapdes Apps for Work allows you to post messages, ask questions, undertake conversations, release news, and share updates to your news feed. Your team is the backbone of your enterprise. This app helps you evaluate the team productivity of your employees. You can assign them their tasks, evaluate their performances, and keep a track of their growth to find out how good everyone is performing.

With easy synchronization available, you can keep all your documents and important files secure on a web cloud. This web cloud acts as a constant backup even if you lose any of your important files. Lapdes has a built-in calendar, which allows managing your meetings keeping in respect your other activities. Now you don’t have to rely on a separate calendar app since you have a smart calendar in your new favorite app. Writing notes is of central importance in the successful management of a business. You write notes to keep yourself organized and updated about your day to day schedules. Lapdes allows you to write notes while you are managing other tasks as well. To do a task efficiently, your team needs to be aware of important information. With Lapdes, you can create an online wiki of the information you want to share with them. This will help you feed them the knowledge, you want them to have.

 Security and Privacy of your business

The impacts of bringing this app into your daily routine are vibrant. Within no time you’ll appreciate how it has helped you organize your life. With a single login manage all your day-to-day activities in a smart and efficient way and that too under the ultra-privacy offered by the application. Another feature, which makes it highly beneficial, is its ease of use. It simple structure and easy to operate nature makes it suitable for everyone; business professionals, freelancers, organizations, institutes, and student, all can benefit themselves from the state of the art interface we are offering.

They say in the corporate world that time is money, so if you’re utilizing your time properly then you’re bound to make profits. Lapdes helps you save your precious time which you would spend otherwise on managing different message apps. You can spend this time on other productive activities to promote your business or you can spend it with your family.

The app has an efficient notification system which keeps you updated with the messages in your inbox and events on your calendar. It is a perfect app to make your professional life perfect.

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