Stop multitasking & start uni-tasking

The word multi accompanies itself with so many over burdening concepts. Have you ever felt tired and burdened with so many chores in a day? Don’t you want that your life would have been much simpler? We tend to relate to such matters because when it comes to performing duties and tasks, we run away from things that conceal within themselves two fold or multi-dimensional aspects. Convenience and ease are the main concerns that we want after an escape from multi-tasking. It is true to establish the fact that Uni tasking is the new smart of the century.

Most of us have been accustomed to juggling various chores at the same time, but once you realize the pleasure of Uni tasking you will see how comfortable and guilt free you would feel. For instance, multi-tasking kills your time and increases the margin of error. Being a professional you do not want to risk your work by doing so many things with inadequate mental and intellectual supply. Single work is the solution to many of our problems. Among those is Stress and anxiety. When we pile up the work and tend to multi task against our will and energy, we succumb to pressure and stress.

Uni tasking saves you from the pain of stressing yourself and undergoing the knife of pressure to meet the multi challenges because let us admit it, you are a human and not a robot with three hands. Your team productivity goes down the scale by almost 40% when you engage in a lot of things. For instance, at a moment you have more than one taskbar opened, you have multi applications running in the background, you have an email to be sent and several notes need to be taken. Just the thought of that example, crumbles you. You will not be able to deliver your 100% in any of the task and in return your chances to doom will increase.

Team collaboration is only then made successful if one person is assigned one job at a time. Project management skills are the reflection of how the project is carried out and how one is performing its duties to the best of their abilities. It would not surely be possible if you multitask. Social networking for businesses allows people to engage in various activities, but the gist of them is to allow you to exhibit the best of your potential by any tasking in a certain environment.

Task management and risk aversion becomes possible if single task is made the focus of businesses. Many small businesses tend to be having the multi functioning approach to work, but it may crumble to pieces because of inefficiency to allocate time and resources to each individual.





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